Manufacturing of motorbike fairings by ABS plastic injection

Manufacturing of motorbike fairings by ABS plastic injection

How are the fairings manufactureds for all motorbikes ?

The principle of ABS injection in four points:

The injector group, plasticizing the injection dosage and purging.

The plasticized material composed solely of high quality industrial plastic balls is inserted in large quantities into a tank, and via a worm is propelled in a cylinder heated at high temperature, which allows an injection under optimum pressure in a mold generally Made of stainless steel type aluminum alloy.

In contact with the cold metal, the plastic in the liquid state solidifies in a few minutes and retains the shapes of the mold cavity. The quality of the mold plays an essential role in obtaining a good finish during injection, it is that which ensures the shaping of the material.

The steps of the ABS injection mold in four points:

Centering, feeding, shaping, cooling and ejection.

The fixed part of the mold comprises a so-called "female imprint plate", four columns for guiding, a base plate for sealing the two assemblies, an injection nozzle which propels the pressurized material, and a centering ring .

The movable part of the mold consists of a so-called "male imprint plate", column guide rings, cleats, an ejection battery composed of two plates and a cylindrical ejector and finally a sole plate.
Why use ABS plastic

One of the great qualities of ABS plastic is its extreme robustness, because it is very resistant to "acceptable shocks" while maintaining a high elasticity so as not to break. It is used in many fields of application as for example the motorbike industry which uses it in particular for its sides of fairings, its saddle hulls back, caches tank of gasoline, its mudguards of motorbike etc. ..

Its other advantage for bikers that unfortunately accidentally dropped with their motorbike is that it is possible to re-solder the part to avoid changing the whole and therefore to buy a new equipment which can sometimes be overpriced according to If your bike is a SUZUKI 600 GSX R of 2000 or a BMW S 1000 RR of 2017. It will tell you that if your sides of fairings are twisted in 10 and you miss pieces, you can forget this solution .

Repairing a motorbike fairing

If you find that a piece is starting to crack or you have just 2 pieces in perfect condition to be soldered, the "D System" for the most handsome of you can help you out at a lower cost. To do this, you must have a soldering iron electrical components that can be bought at around twenty Euros and found in all supermarkets, do not take the small model (This is not the size Which counts ... But in this case, YES !!!). It is especially the heating capacity of it that matters if you do not want to spend your Sunday afternoon to assemble a length of 30cm (30cm is not bad !!!) of plastic.

Have an old rigid cardboard that drags in your garage and cut out squares in it, then with big scotch, assemble the two pieces in their respective alignments to have a single rigid piece. Do not neglect this step because it is very important for the fixing holes of this one to be in their initial position on the machine during the reassembly.

All you have to do now is heat the two parts of the fairings once inside, and once outside to obtain a homogeneous surface.
Wait about 30 minutes for the plastic to cool to room temperature, then remove the homemade holding guides.
If you have sanding paper, do not hesitate to remove the surplus material that exceeds the outer side.

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